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SINCE 1982            ~                               SINCE 1972



~ Next NY NEACA Gun Shows ~

 New Member Letter April 20, 2014


Saratoga Springs City Center

522 Broadway

August *22, 23, 24, 2014

Rules & Regulations Reverse

Must accompany application

Lots of new dealers; and public came to meet our political supporters trying to rid us of our "New York Safe-Act"!

Rob Astorino "popped-in" and told us about his bid for NY State Governor ... go to... http://www.robastorino.com/

to hear his New York message.


Last Show ~ March 15, 16, 2014

250 8' tables ~ it was great!

The last show you could legally bring your ammo to without a NYS Safe-Act Ammunition Sellers License was in January.


Check out the Gun Show Page

for new show listings of 2014


New Eastcoast Arms Collectors Associates

We're buying guns; Rifles, Shotguns, Handguns

  and related items. Yes, we have .22 ammo & more ... unfortunately, it's not cheap anymore! 

Stop in our shop at 38 North Main Street, Mechanicville, NY  next to City Hall but call us first at 518-664-9743


Check out our Jewelry page, just put a link to our vintage Avon Jewelry Inventory.

To All the Veterans who have served our Country and to those Service Men and Women Protecting us Now, We Salute You!!  .... and see what the US Military and its' Veterans are planning ... go to Dave's World now! 

Appraisal information


Meeting Michael Berry

Vote We The People In, Vote Obama Out ...??

Are you among the millions of folks who stayed home and thought that an Obamanation for the next four years could be better than voting for Governor Romney?  Are you insane? Perhaps you will now experience the new RED DAWN!!

An open letter to Obama ... From We The People!

Lots of new Commentary on

"Dave's World"~ Go ...

The angry animal who broke our hearts Friday, December 14th and affected the families of Newtown, Connecticut and nearly every citizen throughout the country has to be condemned by every sane person.  Our hearts and prayers are with all those innocent people whose lives were changed in minutes by a crazed madman but within hours of this tragic event, knee jerk reactions were called to ban guns.  With our large circle of contacts in the gun industry, to the thousands of people who come to our gun shows and the dealers and exhibitors who we do business with I realize that there are many people who look to me to produce some sort of statement or come up with an answer as to how to prevent such a tragic thing from ever happening again. Well, bluntly, Iím not even sure prevention is possible; unfortunately there will always be crazy people, some nut case and those who simply have to have their moment in time.  What I am sure of is that banning guns, developing new and stricter laws, shutting down gun shops, gun ranges and gun shows, is not the answer to the problem.  And, for now, I think the only answer is to grieve with the affected families and friends, to bury the fallen and to hail the angels now raised.  In due time we should discuss the rest.




~ Banner Ads Available  ~  Business is Good ~
7 Million Hits with 200,000 Visits Per Month

~ New Guns & Items Now Being Added ~


WRGB Channel 6 News Video Dave on panel of

Town Hall Meeting   Guns In America


New Eastcoast Arms Collectors Associates

You have no idea of what is on this site without going to our



Members ~ Follow me on Twitter@DavidPetronis

See our Lay-away program & SALE Pages


I have just added many new serving pieces on 1/10/14


The first glance may be very deceiving to the casual visitor.  Look closely, as this is an extensive and varied site of quite unusual collectables and gifts; of old toys, dolls and trains, of knowledge, learning and even entertainment. A site that you will surely visit again & again.

From Americana and Antiques  thru Coins and Collectables to Guns, Knives, Swords and Zebra Rugs ...... We HAVE IT, We've SOLD IT, or .... We CAN GET IT!       See our "What's New" page for new guns sale.

We do have a Lay-away program.


a New Page we just put up is for "Gun Magazines & Clips"

and one we are still working on is "Double Barreled Firearms"

Always Special Sales at Hudson River Trading Co., Mechanicville, NY  ~

View Partial Listings ~ Real Estate & Vehicles ~

  Our main business is in our stock of 1000 or so Collector, Antique and Investment Firearms but we also are Federally and NY State licensed and have all the new guns available for orders.  Sporting collectables, Adirondack antiques, fine glassware and china, vintage toys, trains or gifts round out our standard fare.  Militaria and hundreds of edged weapons are also IN INVENTORY at our Mechanicville, New York brick and mortar store. Remember though, our prices can change without notice, up or down.  See our SITE MAP ~

   Need Engraving Done?   We used have that too. We arranged for Master Engraver, Domingos Joaquim, to perform artistry on your favorite or new firearm ... see our page.  Regrettably, DJ has passed away.

  NEACA, Inc. is our sister company that organizes and promotes trade shows.  Since 1982 we have staged Antique & Collectable Shows, Computer Fairs, Craft Shows and Toy Shows but our main events are our Gun Shows or Arms Fairs under our New Eastcoast Arms Collectors Associates banner.  We have a membership of authors, students of history, militaria and firearms collectors and dealers that now numbers around 1200. One of our interesting past Gun Shows was at the Monticello Race Track in Monticello, New York but we are most proud of our Arms Fairs in the Saratoga Springs City Center in upstate New York and in our newly revised Utica, NY shows. Friday dates are always just for exhibitors or our NEACA Members, you can join today if you wish to come in early at our shows.


 Our first show of this year was on 

 January 11, 12, 2014

... you should have been there ... many Thousands were! ... Join NEACA

See us at Saratoga Springs, NY again on

August* 22, 23, 24, 2014

Some Prior Events Info ...

If you came to our three shows at

the Sportsplex of Halfmoon

you know they don't want guns anymore, you figure out what to do with them ..... ??


So, we held our 225 table show at The Forum in Lake George, NY on the same date May 18 & 19, 2013 ... and it was a fine show!!

"I'LL BE BACK ... !!"

See our Gun Shows page for further info.

...and once again we have our next

Adirondack Gun Show in Old Forge, NY

at the Hiltebrant Recreation Center on

August *1, 2, 3, 2014


also, see our new Member Letter


Prior Shows and What We Do...

  We are generally SOLD OUT of tables to sell for our next Saratoga Arms Fairs because of dealer deposits from our prior shows and new exhibitors always coming.  Our Special Turkey Dinner for members and exhibitors for one of the October Shows on Friday Evening  (Free, naturally) was delicious and different.  Don't expect that all the time, boys! Goulash for last March went well, though it was meatballs & ziti for August.  We had some special things for our 25th Anniversary Show in Saratoga for the exhibitors in attendance, the folks who really make the Arms Fair work.  I'm sure the dealers who won the prizes from a $300.00 Pachislo Machine to $100.00 in cash or $20.00 in "gas cash" to free tables went home happy with prizes and money from a buying public.  One of my best personal sales shows was this last January 28, 29, & 30, 2012 show and it was wall to wall people on Saturday morning ... you should have been there!  Call us for advance table reservations for our next January 12, 13, 2013 Arms Fair. WOW, It was even better! So, don't miss our next January 11, 12, 2014 event.

   We have promoted shows in Newburg, Kingston, Peekskill, Catskill, Utica, Herkimer, Little Falls, Plattsburgh, Saranac Lake, Syracuse and Fishkill, NY, and at the Sons of Italy Lodge, in Deer Park, Long Island on various Sundays and at the Holiday Inn at Lake George in February during the popular Winter Carnival.  Plus many other areas in NY and the Northeast.  We also have other things planned so go to "Gun Shows" for all of our upcoming events.  Part of our business is finding items for you at these shows.  Send us an E-mail of what you may be looking for and we will see what we can do.  Also see our monthly Gun Show Report.

   In the past we have published the "Arms Collectors Journal" and began printing our NEW Journal on the 15th of March, 2005.  This time, we also offered it on-line.   Eventually, when we really get it organized, we will allow advertising on our pages to our membership and others, but for now we simply wish to have it grow.  Also see a new page of interest we created called "Dave's World and Yours."  And another new page called ...

"Stories and Glory of Dave's World"

... where you will find links to stories and political pages and other things...

.....another popular new page is "ITEMS WANTED" and we just created by popular demand a
"Consignment Page" for special items.

  For just plain folks in general you will surely want to see our updated page " Items of INTEREST ".  Simply click on icon to the left for some truly amazing nature photos. 

   "America's New War" is where we also have some interesting items, not a page for the faint of heart.  Plus some "Games" of skill.  We have created a page for a front line report from Baghdad with  insights ...

"Current Iraq Report"   with other links.

   "Gifts" is a page of unique things that will interest a diverse public.  We are now working on a new page of Avon Collector Jewelry and also have "Jewelry & Small Things," you may want to watch this.  Another new page is our " Garage Sale ", never know what turns up.

   To learn more click on "About Us" at the top of our page and please view our site thru our headings at left of page or for more, go to our " Collector Site Map. "  We are very pleased you stopped by and hope you will visit again, perhaps add us to your favorites and tell your friends.   For appraisals or research information go to "Contact Us" for our fees and remember our time is as valuable as yours.

  The only way we know what brought you to our site and what you may want to see here is by sending us an e-mail.  The month of January 1 thru 30 gave us 7,536,023 hits, so we must be doing something right.   The first quarter of 2009 we started to average over 7 Million hits per month.  Page views and visits are the real key to success for a website and ours have been very strong, over 195,000 views in January!  Our next milestone is to exceed 200,000 monthly views to our site, and as for visits in the month of March we had 126,061.  We constantly look to improve and update but this is still just a "me and Cathy" operation so all good things take time.  Bear with us and stop by often.  Be among the 172,000 people who visited our site in May. Over 5,240 daily visits are registered to our site with an average of 3,532 DAILY PAGE VIEWS.

   That is equivalent to having over Seven million people drive by our shop in Mechanicville and having over 195,000 stop by and look in our window each month.  Then to have over 3500 of them walk thru the shop and look around each and every day!  Not a bad record.  See our "Consignment Page" if you feel you want to trust us to handle your heirlooms.

   We have started a Silent Auction Page where items are up for bid on-line and at our store.  We will have a two week viewing period and closings at 6pm EST on Wednesdays.  See our current auction and register to bid on Silent Auction. ON HOLD!


Remember to add us to your Favorites.

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C & D Petronis, Inc. ~ d/b/a Hudson River Trading Company
38 North Main Street / PO Box 385
Mechanicville, New York 12118

Sales & Service Since 1972

Promoting the Collecting of Firearms & Militaria since 1982
Sales & Service Since 1972

Promoting Saratoga Springs, NY Arms Fairs Since 1984

Past & Present

If you are a legitimate Company and would like to advertise on our site we will soon be accepting clients for that purpose.  Our average hits per month are over 7 million but to capitalize on that amount we need to revamp the site style while also keeping with our own simple way of doing business.  Please e-mail us with any thoughts.

E-Mail us at dpetron1@nycap.rr.com

Click for Content Information or e-mail us at dpetron1@nycap.rr.com,
but please refrain from questions as to values of your items or info about your items unless you seek a paid appraisal.  If you have things you would like to sell to us include your asking price and complete description in first contact.
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